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1. Metal PCB-CoolRATE™ Single Layer

CoolRATE™ is the world best grade of high thermal conductive Metal PCB for LED application. This product is characterized by a simple structure that achieves high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance with thinner insulation layer.

The main application of CoolRATE™ may be Metal PCB for high brightness LED, LED backlight units for LCD display, and other heat generating semiconductors device. In comparison to conventional Metal PCB with epoxy rein based, CoolRATE™ provides outstanding performance in terms of thermal characteristic and product reliability by using inorganic material for the insulation layer.

Application Field

2. Product formation


3. Advantage of CoolRATE™
    - High thermal conductivity of insulation layer
    - Low thermal resistance due to thinner insulation layer
    - High operating temperature without glass transition temp
    - Good adhesion and high dielectric breakdown voltage
    - Easy thickness control from 0.1mm~over 3.0mm
    - Various of substrates material selection (Al, Cu, Fe, Mg, Kovar, etc)
    - Circuit fabrication on Al Heat sink
    - No size limitation over 1,000mmX1,000mm


4. Thermal performance test result


5. Reliability test


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